Race 5: FIRMMAN Half Ironman 9.11.05

Swim 1.2 mi. | Bike 56 mi. | Run 13.1 mi. | Finish Time: 5:13:18 | See Official Results!

Travis had an amazing race in his first half ironman ever!! Not to mention, it was the longest
race yet in his triathlon career. The day was fantastic weather-wise, a perfect race day. It started a little past dawn with an ocean swim and ended around noon with a run finish across the beach, in the sand! So will this lead to a full ironman? Quite possibly! Stay tuned.

Race 4: Pat Griskus Sprint Triathlon 7.6.05

Swim .5 mi. | Bike 10.5 mi. | Run 3.1 mi. | Finish Time: 1:13:09 | See Official Results!

Put in the elite swim again! Shaved some time off this year, and had a much better run too.

Race 3: Pat Griskus Olympic Triathlon 6.19.05

Swim .65 mi. | Bike 24 mi. | Run 6.2 mi. | Finish Time: 2:34:33 | See Official Results!

Beautiful day, but maybe a bit warm on the last run leg. Which probably influenced the slower
time this year as compared to last year!

Race 2: Shamrock Duathlon 5.22.05

Run 5K / 3.1 mi. | Finish Time: 1:36:04 | See Official Results!

Cold day today, BRRR. Grey and drizzly. Travis still had a great race, placing 2nd in his age group! He went away with a neat shamrock-green towel embroidered with "Age Group Winner". That will come in handy for future workouts.

Race 1: Shad Derby Road Race 5.21.05

Run 5K / 3.1 mi. | Finish Times: TCH 17:42, TGH 19:47 | See Official Results!

This year's season starts again with the Shad Derby Road Race. Trent kicked some major butt this year, because he won the race with a time of 17:42!! All of the Haas girls were streetside, cheering him on. Except for Cheun who was "stuck" in the donut shop. Travis did really well himself, with a smokin' time of 19:47. Great improvement guys!


Race 6: Greater Hartford Marathon and Half Marathon 10.09.04

Run 26.2 mi. | Finish Time: TGH: 3:23:12 (PR) CLH: 1:57:26 (Half) | See Official Results!

Had a great run. Everything went according to plan and I beat my goal time by 6 1/2 minutes! Set a new PR. Cheun ran the half due to injury and had a good race for the training she's done.

Race 5: Pat Griskus Sprint Triathlon 7.7.04

Swim .5 mi. | Bike 10.5 mi. | Run 3.1 mi. | Finish Time: 1:13:49 | See Official Results!

I was put in the "elite" swim wave, too bad my swimming isn't so elite...took almost 4 minutes off last years time

Race 4: Pat Griskus Olympic Triathlon 6.19.04

Swim .65 mi. | Bike 24 mi. | Run 6.2 mi. | Finish Time: 2:20:19 | See Official Results!

Swim was shortened due to zero visiblity fog, sure made it fun out there though.

Race 3: Glastonbury River Run 5.23.04

Run 5K / 3.1 mi. | Finish Time: 18:55 (PR) | See Official Results!

Ran a 5 minute first mile due to a HUGE down hill section. Not a bad time considering I went to a party the night before. Won't make that mistake again!

Race 2: Shad Derby Road Race 5.15.04

Run 5K / 3.1 mi. | Finish Times: TGH 20:05, TCH 20:35, CLH 23:54
See Official Results!

In case you didn't know, a Shad (no, not a hanging Chad) is a fish. Yep, a fish festival with a road race. And we came away with 3 medals and one goofy picture!

Race 1: MRC Sutton Duathlon 4.10.04

Run 3 mi. | Bike 10 mi. | Run 3 mi. | Finish Time: 1:17:11 | See Official Results!

A great start, first race of the season, and placed 2nd in age group! Check that goal off of the list. Unfortunately, that still doesn't mean we can have ice cream for dessert every night.