Trip date: 1.17.04 - 1.25.04. Hong Kong was out-of-this-world.


BEST for Cheun: Visiting my grandmother's (mom's mom) home town, Shek O. Beautiful beach-side community, quiet, mostly undisturbed, sweet colorful people.

BEST for Travis: Having a super fresh seafood dinner with the Wong family. The meal was selected by my Uncle from a live fish market next door, then brought to the restaurant and prepared. Lobster, crab, scallops, colossal shrimp, fish, snails.

WORST: 15.5 hours direct flight from Newark, and movie re-runs!

FUNNIEST: The crowd during Chinese New Year fireworks. With every explosion they exclaimed, WAHH! which is AHH! in english.

STRANGEST: When we walked for 6 miles searching for an Italian restaurant, because we were THAT DESPARATE for variety.

WOULD WE GO BACK? Absolutly.