Day 6:

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A. Sha Tin Racecourse

Uncle Charles brought us to Sha Tin Racecourse for the first day of horseracing in the New Year. The day was the warmest it had been since being there, and the sunniest. We enjoyed every moment even as we lost from our poorly placed bets. I think we won back $US 5.00 after spending $US 50.00. Oh well.

B. Grandma's House

Well this was it, our last event in Hong Kong, dinner at Grandma's. We traveled to her Kowloon apartment where she served up a great home-cooked meal of abalone, colossal shrimp, hot and sour soup, and sauteed veggies. Grandma also told funny stories of Mom's childhood, and laughed about her little dog who would growl from his food bowl when he couldn't score table scraps. We'll miss her.

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