Day 4:

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A. Victoria Peak

The highest point in Hong Kong where we took a tram to the top. Unbelieveably, when the tram was at a 60 degree incline (I was looking almost straight down through the rear exit window) our car stayed on it's tracks. The view was breath-taking! We also shopped, where I scored bargain jeans, and munched at McDonald's.

B. Shek O

Cheun's favorite part of the trip. This was where my Grandma grew up. It was so beautiful and peaceful there, the village was quaint and colorful, and the people were sweet. It was also Chinese New Year's Day, and we caught a village Lion Dance. Totally down-to-earth and not at all Disney. WITH FIRECRACKERS!!

C. Stanley

Stanley was a more developed area, with a large open-air market and a nice boardwalk along the beach. We stopped for coffee and picked up a few items at the market before moving on.

D. Repulse Bay

Visiting the south shore of Hong Kong was truly memorable, and our last stop of the day at Repulse Bay was a good finale. There were scluptural apartment buildings in contrast with a traditional and colorful Buddhist temple.

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