Day 3:

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A. Big Buddha

I'm not talking about beer bellies here. Big ol' Buddha was gargantuous and well-crafted. Part of the Po-Lin Monastery on Lantau Island, where buddhist monks went about their daily rituals while feeding visitors at their local vegetarian cafeteria.

B. Tai O

A very simple fishing village, without many bells and whistles, so forget about Cape Cod. The homes were compact and they lined narrow streets made only for pedestrians and bicycles. People were really nice, and many played board games outside of their homes, watching us weird foreigners pass by.

C. Lantau Island Busride

Our main form of transportation around Lantau Island that day. The island was extrememly hilly, and the roads were narrow, but our bus driver wasn't about to delay his route. He'd floor it around bends and barely brake for taxis. Definately worth the $US 2.50 fare for the day!

   Lantau Island - Map