Day 2:

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A. Victoria Harbor

This is where you could see both sides of the city of Hong Kong. Kowloon is attached to China, and Hong Kong Central is the northern side of Hong Kong Island. The Star Ferry brings commuters, and us, back and forth.

B. Hong Kong Central

This part of the city is on Hong Kong Island. It's less crowded and more business-oriented. The southern part of Kowloon is way more congested and packed with hotels and malls.

C. Flower Market

The local flower market was swarming with people buying Chinese New Year gifts and decorations. I myself picked up a mug with a bare-butt monkey on it. 2004 is the year of the Monkey.

D. Seafood Dinner

One of Travis' best experiences in Hong Kong and perhaps one of the largest tables he's sat around. We ate platter after platter of terrific seafood and drank gallons of tea (and a couple of Tsing Tao beers).

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